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The Bee Yard in action!
For Honey Bee preservation 

and removal

please call Neal or Kristen Beck at 

541-941-3598 or 541-864-9879

or email us at
these are the wild swarms we have collected so far this month.
Here is Neal rescuing a swarm of bees from Kohl's.  You know girls, we love to shop, bees are no different!
Photo courtesy of Susan Cower, Portland Oregon
These 3 photographs are courtesy of my Aunt, Susan Cower, Portland Oregon. She caught these lovely ladies working their magic on some Sea Holly. Beautiful pictures of bees.
Here is our resident beekeeper, Neal Beck.  He is in the process of extracting an open air hive.  Bees are phenominal architects but sometimes they just choose the wrong subdivisions to build in.  We kept this in it's natural form but placed it in some hive bodies. I'm happy to say, they are doing quite well.