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Honey Bee Swarm and Colony Collection
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We take great pride in being Honey Bee advocates.  When a colony swarms they are generally out of room in their main hive and a branch of bees and their queen will leave so the hive remains strong.  Most swarms will be completley harmless as they are not trying to protect any honey.   If you ever get the opportunity to see a swarm, it truly is nature at its finest.  We rehome swarms into one of our many bee yards, making sure they have sufficient food sources and fresh water.  

Cost of Swarm collection free, bees are our business!

At Little Heathen Honey, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We offer free local delivery of our Raw local Honey and our pampering body products.   if there is a specific fragrance you like we can customize body lotions and sugar scrubs.  We provide a variety of services including:
Here are some photos of a few of our swarms collected last spring and summer.  The swarms attached to the Holly tree(left side of the screen) became two of our strongest hives this season!  The open air hive(right side of the screen) is one of the most beautiful natural hives i have ever seen.  We were able to cut the main shaft of the shrub and place the entire hive inside our hive bodies.  The honey bees retained their entire home completley undisturbed but protected from the elements. 
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Here are some photos of the McCoy extraction done a couple of weeks ago.  This was 4 layers deep with comb, brood and honey!