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Little Heathen Honey was formed from the love of gardening.  We initially starting beekeeping to help with the pollination of our garden and it grew into something much more.  We have an appreciation for all things natural and our Honey is just that.  100% Raw All Natural Wildflower Honey.
If you have a Honey Bee swarm, call us we can help.  No swarm too small, we collect them all! We are in the business of preserving our pollinators and there is no charge to remove a swarm.  Bees are our business.
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Whats up in the bee yard!

Big News!

by Kristen Beck on 02/22/13

Yes, that is correct we have BIG NEWS!  At the beginning of the month i went through the jury process for the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market and today we found out that we have been accepting into the Medford Saturday Market!  I am so excited and feel so validated with our products.  I don't have an exact date yet as to when the Saturday market will be starting up but rest assured as soon as i know, i will pass the information on and post it to our website.  Also, we now have a shelf at The Candy Shoppe in Jacksonville.  Melanie was kind enough to invite Little Heathen Honey into her world of wonderfully delectable treats! We will have the 2 oz baby bears, 1/2 pound honey jars, 1lb honey jars and our own honey sticks for sale.  While you are there try some of her honeycomb candy, Neal is addicted to that and her salted caramels!  So much excitement, i think i'm going to need a nap!  A quick shout out to Sweden, we had two hits on our website from there so whoever you are THANKS!  We love international visits to the website.  Have a great day everyone and remember to be kind to the bees, they make the world a better place!

Sweets for your Sweet!

by Kristen Beck on 02/13/13

Well Valentines day is almost upon us and what better way to surprise the one you love than with a sweet treat!  According to the morning news sugar is not what we should be using for this, but they didn't say anything about HONEY!  Being completley natural, processed only by the bee themselves, i'd say Honey is the perfect substitute!  Using honey in recipes is a very healthy way of still getting your sweet tooth fix.  In Southern Oregon the bananna belt is rolling through which means beeutiful weather!  With degrees above 55 that means happy active bees and ours are no exception.  Neal put out some frames of honey that needed cleaning and our girls were front and center for that, call it an early Valentines gift.  Swarm season is swiftly approaching as well so keep your eyes out for those beautiful globs of bees and if you run into any give us a call on our Swarm Hotline: 541-941-3598 or 541-864-9879.  We will gently remove them and give them a wonderful new home at no charge.  Remember be kind to the bees and they will be kind to you and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Big news on the Gentle Barn Sponsorship!

by Kristen Beck on 01/30/13

I'm so excited about this new adventure we are going on with the Gentle Barn.  Just so everyone is informed, the Gentle Barn is a farm rescue organization that is also Vegan.  Being raised on a farm you have a great appreciation for animals and when i read about the Gentle Barn and the ability to sponsor a farm animal i thought that was wonderful.  To make it even better we will be making a vegan soap in honor of our sponsored goat, Ginger.  We will also be donating soap to the Gentle Barn so they can also sell it in their shop at the farm!  So when the markets start up, in the next couple of months, we will have a display of vegan soap and hopefully lip balm that will help support the Gentle Barn.  We will also have brochures explaining how the farm works and other ways we you can help.  So, join me in supporting a very worthy cause, it's easy to do just buy "Gingers Gentle Bar of Vegan Soap".  All proceeds from this soap goes to the Gentle Barn.  Have a Wonderful day and be kind to all animals great and small.

Oh Spring, where art thou!

by Kristen Beck on 01/28/13

To say i am anxiously awaiting spring would be a gross understatement!  I cannot wait to get started with swarm calls, tending to my hives and making new soaps for the growers markets.  I have gotten a few requests for fragrance free soaps so i will be adding that to the list of goodies.  This is exciting, will be sponsoring a goat from the Gentle Barn in California, her name is Ginger.  I am trying to find out if we can use an image of her on a special Ginger soap and then have the proceeds from the Ginger soap sales go towards her care and the care of other goats at the farm.  So, keep an eye out for Ginger soap at the growers markets!  Hopefully we could get some information cards for the Gentle Barn as well so our customers know who they are helping.  Only two months until Spring, two months until market craziness, two months until the nector flows!  Hang in there gang, i know we can make it!

The girls are snuggled tight in their hive, as visions of flowers dance on their mind

by Kristen Beck on 12/08/12

Ok so i was trying to make it sound like the night before christmas, close enough.  As i said, they are snuggled tight keeping the brood warm until the sun graces us with its presence.  I myself cannot wait for some warm weather, which is why we are heading to Death Valley!  We will be out of cell service for a couple of weeks but you can always leave us a message on facebook or email us at thebecks@littleheathenhoney.com.  We will be checking those periodically from the December 21st through January 4th.  If you have never gone to Death Valley it is awesome!  Warm weather, valley's surrounded by beautiful mountains, and the nights sky is something to behold!  My mom will be dog and bee sitting while we are gone, the bees won't be an issue but those little dogs will keep her quite busy.  Christmas is getting close and remember, Honey makes a wonderful gift.  We even have 2oz baby Honey Bears that make fantastic stocking stuffers.  Place your order soon, Christmas is right around the corner!  Have a wonderful week and remember, be kind to the bees and they will be kind to you.

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Willow Creek Gifts
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The Tudor Guild Gift Shop
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