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Little Heathen Honey was formed from the love of gardening.  We initially starting beekeeping to help with the pollination of our garden and it grew into something much more.  We have an appreciation for all things natural and our Honey is just that.  100% Raw All Natural Wildflower Honey.
If you have a Honey Bee swarm, call us we can help.  No swarm too small, we collect them all! We are in the business of preserving our pollinators and there is no charge to remove a swarm.  Bees are our business.
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Whats up in the bee yard!

Images by Kristen Beck

by Kristen Beck on 01/21/16

I have a great spot where my photography can be viewed and purchased if interested....www.imagesbykristenbeck.com.  it's a website in progress so be patient.  Also here is a link to see some really great landscapes on Fine Art America : <a href="http://fineartamerica.com/art/landscapes" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">landscapes art</a>

I'm having so much fun with this and we really hope you enjoy the images as well.  Thanks for looking!

New adventures!

by Kristen Beck on 01/09/16

I recently decided to expand my repetuare of skills and what nots by adding photography to the list!  I have always loved taking pictures and decided to put them out there for the world to see. There is a link below where you can check them out or just search for Kristen Beck.  We are really excited about this new adventure and hope you come along for the ride!  We are still beekeeping, which I might add is doing well and anticipate some really strong hives this spring.  Neal was out checking on the girls yesterday and all was well! That's about it for now.  If you get a chance pop over to fine art America and search for me, Kristen Beck.  Leave comments, good, bad, whatever, we love comments!

<a href="http://fineartamerica.com/art/black+and+white" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">black and white art</a>


by Kristen Beck on 03/03/15

Well it's that time of year again, SWARM SEASON!  I do love swarm season, when the bees decide to relocate to the most ridiculous locations!  We have our hotline ready so if you see a swarm give us a call, we will pick them up and rehome them to a more appropriate location.  Why do bees swarm you ask?  Well usually they just simply run out of space in their hive.  So they create a new queen, old queen gathers half the hive and once the new queen hatches old queen takes the gang on a bit of an adventure.  Most of the time the scout bees will find a great location, other times we get a phone call.  As they say in the real estate world Location, Location, Location!  Happy to report that the bees over wintered just fine this year, only losing one hive.  With the mild weather we should be seeing a pretty decent spring flow so get ready for some really delicious honey come June!  We will also be ready for another Market season starting in June in Jacksonville, Oregon.  If you have not been, it's a must see market!  Come spend some time with us and the rest of the fantastic vendors in Jacksonville. 

Happy Holidays!

by Kristen Beck on 12/03/13

Well it's that time of year again, the holiday season.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you ate with wreckless abandon!  We are currently preparing the bees for the upcoming arctic blast that is headed our way, extra food and love coming their way.  Hopefully that will see them through it.  We have been extremely lucky with the weather this fall, fairly dry and on the warmer side which i think has helped the bees considerably.  Lost a few hives to robbers (the yellow jacket kind), an unfortunate occurence in the beekeeping world.  Daisey Creek Farm got hit harder than the others so we will be refilling their boxes first, come spring swarm season.  Neal has done a wonderful job getting the girls ready for winter, so i'm hopeful that the cold will not effect them too badly.  I have been very busy getting soap made, no time like the present to get the stock replenished.  Well we hope this holiday season brings happiness and a warm hearth to everyone out there.  We will see you all in 2014!

Market season is on its way!

by Kristen Beck on 03/05/13

Had a wonderful visit with fellow vendors for the Medford Saturday Market on Sunday March 3rd.  Saw some old friends and made some new ones.  It was pretty exciting to see the local news was covering the event.  Jill Kennedy will be running the Market and she had lots of information about the new location, which i might add is beautiful!  Opening day for Saturday Market in Medford is on May 11th and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and more coverage by the local news.  We will have our new market grocery bags to give away with a purchase of Honey!  Jacksonville's Sunday Market will begin on June 2nd, 2013 and it sounds like our new location is going to be on 3rd street in Jacksonville.  We will no longer have to deal with tree roots and uneven ground and the access is going to be easier for everyone.  I am so excited about market season this year, although it will be a busy Spring and Summer it's going to be wonderful see our friends and connecting with local farmers and artisans.  Just a reminder, SWARM SEASON is upon us and when you get a few warm days in a row, bees feel the need to relocate!  Keep an eye out for them and if you get one in your yard give us a call!  Bee kind to the bees and they will in return pollinate your food supply!  Have a great Day bee lovers!

Find Little Heathen Honey at These Local Growers Markets:

Jacksonville Market every Sunday from 9am to 1pm
(closed for season)

If you are unable to make the markets you can also purchase directly from our website or from: 

Fox Run Farms on W. Main Street in Medford

The Historic Hanley Farm Food  Stand

Willow Creek Gifts
Jacksonville, Oregon

The Tudor Guild Gift Shop
Next to the Elizabethan Theater in Ashland, Oregon 
Contact www.pfsbees.org for more information on bee friendly farming. Become a member today!
 Medford Oregon
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